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              For example:Earthmoving Machine、Road Construction Machinery Concrete Equipment 、Mining Equipment、Trucks...
              News & Events
              Features and advantages of XCMG truck crane More excellent performance • The optimizing layout of the machine makes the stress of the main bearing carriers more reasonable, and the lifting performance is higher than the products with the same tonnage. • Apply the mature jib technique which integrates plug-in boom head, embedded bo...
              Features and advantages of XCMG LW500KL wheel loader
              The XCMG XCA1200 truck crane is known for its transmission abilities
              The features and advantage of XCMG XD-series road roller
              Features and advantages of pneumatic tyre roller
              RP451L Introduction of XCMG paver
              • Company Profile

                XCMG has stood at the forefront of the Chinese construction machinery industry and developed into one of the domestic industry's largest, most influential, and most competitive enterprise groups with the most complete product varieties and series. XCMG is the 5th largest construction machinery company in the world. It is ranked 65th in the list of China's Top 500 Companies, 44th in the list of China's Top 100 Manufacturing Enterprises, and 2nd in the list of China's Top 100 Machinery Manufacturers.

                Professional supplier of construction engineering machinery in China.
              • Service Concept

                XCMG has established a product sales network that covers more than 170 countries and regions and set up more than 300 XCMG distributors overseas to provide users with comprehensive marketing services. XCMG's annual export value has exceeded US$ 1.6 billion, and it has maintained its place as the industry leader by export value for 27 consecutive years. Today, XCMG enjoys the leading market share in nine types of machinery and three types of basic components. XCMG is also the biggest domestic exporter of five types of machinery and the world leader in terms of sales volume of crane trucks and heavy-duty road rollers.

                To Become A Trustworthy And Value Creating International Enterprise
              • Agent

                We are a authorized export agent of XCMG which is a famous manufacturer mainly products wheel loader, skid loader, road roller and motor grader etc. now we are XCMG for qualified agents in Senegal,Guinea,Sierra Leone, Liberia, Cote d'ivoire, Ghana, Togo, Benin, Niger, Nigeria, , Gabon, Congo, Angola, we will provide a comprehensive range of support to our agent, we hope to cooperate with qualified companies which are interested in this filed to expand market and reap profit together.

                XCMG is the 5th largest construction machinery company in the world.
              • Enterprise Culture

                China crane turck suppliers and exporters who can provide XCMG Mobile Crane、XCMG Earth Moving Equipment、XCMG Road Building Equipment and more XCMG series products.

                Technological innovation has become XCMG's key to unlocking global markets.
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